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Having barely graduated from college, Izzy Klein (Madelyn Deutch), is now stranded in New York City with a bad case of pre-real-world millennial-itis. Unsure of her next move, Izzy’s younger movie star sister Sabrina (2016 NVFF Rising Star Zoey Deutch) convinces her to move back home to Los Angeles and into the apartment she shares with her boyfriend Sebastian, where they can keep an eye on her. Emotionally unable to deal with the loss of her father and slightly distracted by her mother Deb’s (Lea Thompson) newfound love affair with a loopy yogini, Izzy funnels her energy into dating a colorful bouquet of five complicated and spectacular men: Aaron, Ross, Logan, Mikey, and Charlie. Over the course of the next year, and coping – just barely – with the help of her trusty notebook, Izzy falls in and out of some not-so-romantic romances, and figures out that when it totally feels like the end of your story, it’s often just the beginning.

Q&A with expected guests Lea Thompson and Madelyn Deutch.


FRI, NOV 10 | 5:15 PM | Cameo Cinema

SAT, NOV 11 | 1:30 PM | Charles Krug

RUN TIME: 104 Mins
FILM PROGRAM: Narrative Features
DIRECTOR(s): Lea Thompson
PRODUCER(s): Daniel Roth, Damiano Tucci, Gordon Gilbertson, Howard Deutch and Zoey Deutch
SCREENWRITER(s): Madelyn Deutch
KEY CAST: Zoey Deutch, Madelyn Deutch, Avan Jogia, Cameron Monaghan, Nichoals Braun, Jesse Bradford, Brandon T. Jackson, Zach Roerig, Melissa Bolona


Lea Thompson is perhaps best known from the Back to the Future film series, and for the TV series Caroline in the City and Switched at Birth. Her diverse career spans over 50 films, as well as television and stage appearances too numerous to count. Now she has directed her first feature film, The Year of Spectacular Men.