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In Coyote, Director Thomas Simmons recounts the inspiring true story of legendary sailor and adventurer Mike Plant. Spanning the decade from his arrival in professional offshore sailing in the mid 80’s, the film follows Plant’s daring spirit as he races around the world alone on a sailboat. Chronically inexperienced, underfunded and undermanned, Plant’s thirst for adventure and fearless belief in his dreams drive him to become an American hero of the sea. A most unlikely hero, in that Plant had to overcome repercussions left over from his life before competitive sailing, including an escape from Greek authorities on a drug trafficking charge and time behind bars in a Portuguese prison. Despite all that he accomplishes in sailing, Plant’s heart is never satisfied. His final creation, Coyote, a radically designed vessel built on the edge of speed and safety, symbolizes Plant’s course in life: running before the wind, always with an eye to the sea.

Q&A with expected guest Thomas Simmons.


THU, NOV 9 | 8:30 PM | Lincoln Theater

FRI, NOV 10 | 9:45 AM | Freemark Abbey

RUN TIME: 107 Mins

FILM PROGRAM: Documentary Features

DIRECTOR(s): Thomas Simmons

PRODUCER(s): Ryan Lynch, Matthew Walker

KEY CAST: Mike Plant (Archival), Philippe Jeantot, Ken Read, Herb McCormick, Rodger Martin, Billy Black, Jason Davis



DIRECTOR BIO: Thomas Simmons was a young onlooker when his uncle, Mike Plant, sailed to victory in a single handed sailboat race around the world. Thomas has navigated his first feature film much like Plant captained his first circumnavigation: on the strength of zero experience, equipped with a core belief in the message: take a chance and face your dreams… life is a great adventure.

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