Ma(i)sonry Napa Valley: An Art, Wine, & Design Gallery

The quintessential space for guests to experience Napa Valley living, Ma(i)sonry Napa Valley is setting itself apart from all of the wineries in the Valley. When guests arrive at this historic stone building in downtown Yountville, they are introduced to an art, wine, and design experience. Not only does Ma(i)sonry have the distinction of being curated by Arena Galleries & Gardens, it is also a unique wine collective home to over 100 boutique wineries around the Valley, creating an incomparably idyllic setting for all those who visit.

“We partner with 20 world-class winemakers who focus on very high quality production and low allocation. A lot of these wines aren’t found outside of these walls. They are the gems of Napa Valley and Sonoma,” said Justin Vazquez, a Ma(i)sonry Wine Consultant dedicated to creating a guest’s perfect tasting experience.

A Ma(i)sonry tasting experience is entirely designed to fit each guest’s preference. From the get-go, when guests first enter the large glass doors of Ma(i)sonry Napa Valley, they are introduced to a curated art gallery by ÆRENA Galleries & Gardens. Once inside, if they want more information regarding the art, consultants are on hand to answer questions or take guests on a tour of the gallery, if they are interested.

“About 75% of the Art you see here is from California based artists,” said David Buzanski from Arena Galleries & Gardens. “Although we do have artists in Austria and Korea. Overall, I would say that we are eclectic in our taste. We have everything from oil paintings to photography to sculptures outside in the Ma(i)sonry gardens.”

Once this gallery tour is finished, guests choose from four different tasting experiences: Classic, Connoisseur, Collector or Reserve. Then, they are introduced to their wine consultant, who will sit with them during the tasting; making sure each experience is curated to fit the guests’ palate and curiosity.

For example, Vazquez may realize that the visitor will enjoy a local, domestic wine, like a 100% Pinot Noir, 2011, Vintage dated, sparkling wine from Yountville. With the aforementioned wine, Vazquez will tell you “It is owned by Dick Peterson who is Heidi Barrett’s father. Heidi Barrett is dubbed the first lady of Napa. She has won more 100-point wines than any female winemaker in history. This is from the man who taught her everything she knows.” From there, he may give the visitor a different varietal like a rosé. This allows Vazquez or any of the other wine consultants to learn what your palette is gravitating towards.

However, in this very delicate curation of what the visitor enjoys, Ma(i)sonry knows that to win over hearts, it can’t just be an ask and answer situation. Instead, they truly want to talk to you. About wine. About food. About the Valley.

“I try to highlight accessible wine – wines that are value driven and showcase classic representations of that varietal and Napa Valley as a whole. I do not want to make the experience pretentious; I want to make it fun and approachable. If they have questions I will, of course, be there to answer, but I never want to push too much information that isn’t relevant to the experience. I want to make sure I am tailoring the experience to the guest’s comfort level. If they want more knowledge, we go down that route.”

Overall, the tasting experience at Ma(i)sonry Napa Valley is always exquisite. With access to countless wines, art, and design — and even the possibility of the owner making an appearance to pour your wine — Ma(i)sonry has found the key to home and hospitality.

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