Eleven Eleven Wines: Experience the Unconventional

Eleven Eleven Wines chose its name to represent the “meant-to-be” moments in life that are worth celebrating and symbolize every surprising, awe-inspiring or fated moment that awaits us all.

Ellie Anest, a co-founder of Eleven Eleven Wines, discusses how a series of mysterious strokes of fate led to the winery’s creation.  “Although there are many, three serendipitous moments immediately come to mind.”

The first moment was when Ellie and Aurelien Roulin met on an international flight, and immediately bonded over their entrepreneurial spirit and aspirations. This connection led to their lifelong friendship and drive to create a winery together.

The second was the passion and support of Ellie’s lifelong friend, Carol Vassiliadis, who helped the duo purchase a vineyard house nested on 3 ½ acres of Cabernet Sauvignon and further develop their overall vision.

The third was when Kirk Venge, “one of the most recognized and sought-after winemakers in Napa and Sonoma” agreed to consult as their Winemaker, making Eleven Eleven Wines his final and eleventh client.

Five years later, Eleven Eleven is still going strong. “We continue to be blessed by serendipitous encounters and everyday moments that make life extraordinary through our guests, employees, family and friends.

We have created a property that values unique design and finishes, and we welcome our guests with an instilled ethic of personal service. Our intention is to create a destination for not only enjoying exceptional wine, hospitality and service, but also and equally as important, for being inspired by art, culture, music, community and the idea that while life is full of unexpected moments, we can define our own destiny by seizing them and living them to our fullest potential.”

In every facet, the philosophy of Eleven Eleven embraces the joys of life, unexpected and expected. They understand the strike of luck that even lead to the wineries creation, as well as the many consumers and people who have made their winery their go-to stop in Napa.

Because of the impact of these living life to the fullest, but as a community, Eleven Eleven has generously been donating to Napa and Sonoma relief funds. In doing so, they want to give back to a community that has done so much for them.

Just like that special time on the clock, that wishful, magical repeating number, Eleven Eleven Wines seems to be just that. An experiential, unconventional, and truly magical winery within the Napa Valley.

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