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Liv, a young woman raised on a remote island off the coast of Maine, has never spoken a word. After her guardian Lionel discovers that he is in poor health, he calls upon a colleague to oversee her behavior and continue his work. One night, as Lionel reads to Liv, she begins to speak in a language of her own design. She crafts sentences and phrases by weaving together pieces of Shakespeare’s works. Upon hearing Liv speak, Michael, the driven neurologist come to aide in Lionel’s impending absence, commits Liv to a psychiatric hospital in an attempt to protect and study her. Reluctant to embrace her own voice until now, Liv becomes a full-blow rebel in the hospital. Her increasing violence threatens to keep her locked up for life as she fights for her freedom.

Q&A with expected guests Catherine Eaton and Bryan Delaney.


FRI, NOV 10 | 5:15 PM | The Copia Theater

SUN, NOV 12 | 5:30 PM | Native Sons Hall

RUN TIME: 93 Mins
FILM PROGRAM: Narrative Features
DIRECTOR(s): Catherine Eaton
PRODUCER(s): Caitlin Gold, Jessica Vale
SCREENWRITER(s): Catherine Eaton, Bryan Delaney
KEY CAST: Catherine Eaton, Teddy Sears, Erin Darke, Harris Yulin, Frankie Faison, Lucy Owen, Danny Burstein, David Furr


Catherine Eaton is a director, writer, actor and producer with Native American heritage. She is developing two original series for television, both finalists for the Sundance Labs. Her pilot, On The Outs, has just been awarded the Tribeca Enterprises “Through Her Lens” 2016 Award. Catherine is a freelance producer and shares an Emmy for Bloomberg’s investigative report The Human Toll of Ethanol.