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Mills is a twelve year-old graffiti addict who is quickly losing faith in human integrity. His life on the streets has become his only escape from an abusive household headed by the devilish Gus (Lou Diamond Phillips). Tim (Dash Mihok), a humble middle school teacher and football coach, believes that there is no such thing as a bad kid, only a bad situation. The two form an uneasy friendship when Tim recognizes Mills’ unhealthy behavior as merely a cry for help. In practicing his beliefs, Tim is willing to sacrifice his reputation, job and relationships in order to win the child’s trust and help protect Mills from the dangers that plague his young life. Mills on the other hand fails to repay Tim’s faith and struggles to trust him until dire circumstances arise. Quest is based on Director Santiago Rizzo’s own childhood and honors the life of beloved Bay Area teacher, coach and human being Tim Moellering.


THUR, NOV 9 | 7:00 PM | JaM Cellars Ballroom

SAT, NOV 11 | 1:30 PM | Native Sons Hall

RUN TIME: 86 Mins
DIRECTOR(s): Santiago Rizzo
PRODUCER(s): Santiago Rizzo, Darren Anderson
SCREENWRITER(s): Santiago Rizzo
KEY CAST: Lou Diamond Phillips, Lakeith Stanfield, Betsy Brandt, Dash Mihok, Gregory Kasyan


Santiago Rizzo grew up in a violent home before moving in with his teacher Tim Moellering. After graduating from Stanford, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue creative expression, only to later leave Hollywood for a job in finance. In 2013, Santiago shut down his alternative energy hedge fund in order to make Quest, a script he originally wrote with Tim before Tim died of pancreatic cancer.