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Jed (Nick Thune) has somehow lasted deep into his thirties without venturing into the world of social media. A self-established introvert and talented photo editor, Jed’s absence from the digital networking landscape has left him socially marooned. That is, until he discovers that he can use his wizard-like Photoshop mastery to present his life in any way imaginable. When digital marketing manager Tasha (Halston Sage) sees an opportunity to cultivate a celebrity out of a nobody, she helps fabricate Jed’s false life via multiple online platforms. Before long, Jed emerges from his cocoon as a high-profile social butterfly. However, after Jed unexpectedly crosses paths with his high-school crush Franky (Kaily Smith Westbrook), dormant affections reawaken and Jed must find a way to reconcile his unvarnished self with the slick facade of his online persona.

Q&A with expected guests Sherwin Shilati, Shelley Stevens, Nicholas Rutherford, and Kaily Smith Westbrook.


FRI, NOV 10 | 1:30 PM | Uptown Theatre

SAT, NOV 11 | 8:30 PM | Native Sons Hall

RUN TIME: 92 Mins
FILM PROGRAM: Narrative Features
DIRECTOR(s): Sherwin Shilati
PRODUCER(s): Shelley Stevens, Kaily Smith Westbrook
SCREENWRITER(s): Sherwin Shilati
KEY CAST: Nick Thune, Halston Sage, Kaily Smith Westbrook, Ian Harding and Usher Raymond


Sherwin Shilati began his career working on Lost and directing an award-winning short. He then wrote award-winning television pilots Hit Factor and MERRIme.com. Sherwin’s commercial directing career began when he was asked to write and direct the 2008 NBA All-Star Campaign for Amare Stoudemire. He made his television directing debut on Lucifer and will be directing episode 2.16 of Riverdale.