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Charlie, a “white hat” hacker and his techie pal Jack find out that their pal Bobby was caught pleasuring himself on camera and is now being blackmailed by a glorified cyber bully known only as Moraler. Many in the tech community believe Moraler is the mastermind behind recent anti-establishment hacks. At first, the guys are skeptical there’s anything they can do to help poor Bobby. But when one of the guys meets and is enchanted by struggling actress Carolyn who’s also recently been hacked, Charlie and Jack decide to embark on a tense and highly-entertaining search for the twistedly righteous Moraler. It’s a frantic race against time as they try to get to him before he releases Bobby’s graphic video to social media. Cover your webcams, everyone!

Q&A with expected guests Sloan Copeland and Jessica Copeland.


FRI, NOV 10 | 10:00 PM | JaM Cellars Ballroom

SUN, NOV 12 | 7:00 PM | JaM Cellars Ballroom

RUN TIME: 85 Mins
FILM PROGRAM: Lounge Features
DIRECTOR(s): Sloan Copeland
PRODUCER(s): Jessica Copeland, Sloan Copeland, Doug Roland, Benjamin Zimbric
SCREENWRITER(s): Sloan Copeland
KEY CAST: Derek Wilson, Jessica Copeland, Mike Giese, Dylan Pinter, Christine Cartell, Doug Roland, Sean Kleier, Devin Ratray

Sloan Copeland is an award-winning film director, writer and producer. He founded Self Conscious Entertainment in 2001 and has grown the production group into a highly creative and respected company. His previous film, Wet Behind the Ears, won over 20 awards and is distributed globally. Other credits include unREAL, Synapse, From Date To Mate and In The Now.