Behind the Vines: Favia Wines

Favia Erickson Winegrowers is a collaboration between Annie Favia and Andy Erickson. These two find vivacious, one-of-kind vineyards that are ideal for growing sensational wine grapes. Favia Wines are known for fruit-forward, renowned varietals, each having unique and distinct aromas and characteristics. But it’s all about the grapes.

Favia Wines has been growing grapes and making wine in Napa for over twenty years, and it all started with a love story. When Annie and Andy first met over two decades ago. They started by making wine in their garage in 1995, and eventually served their first vintage at their wedding three years later. There is magic in every bottle at Favia Wines.

“Our passion is Cabernet Franc, but we produce a number of wines from unique vineyard sites.” – Annie and Andy

Through their passions, they have continued to grow and expand their collections. They are inspired by and committed to organic, sustainable viticulture. It’s the minimalistic winemaking that really highlights the power of their special vineyard sites. 

Annie and Andy are huge film buffs, and are ecstatic about the opportunity to be a part of NVFF from the beginning. We’re so glad they’re along for the ride with us (and that they bring wine). A favorite memory they shared with us from two years ago was that they had realized at the end of the festival, they had seen fourteen films in just four days…and it was amazing. That really is bliss, heaven, and all magical things swirled together (with wine of course).

Annie and Andy made a fascinating analogy of how winemaking and filmmaking are not so different, “Underneath the veneer that most people see, both are crafts practiced by passionate people looking to put forward something that expresses something inside of them.” We’d have to say that wine, film and food are definitely our favorite and most enjoyable art forms.

This year Annie and Andy are looking forward to meeting artists, filmmakers, art-lovers and patrons, for whom they have great respect and admiration. They are also hosting their first Vintner Circle dinner at Favia Wines. They’re calling the ambiance sheer beauty backlit with rustic wonders. Pass the Cabernet Franc, please! That’s going to be a spectacular dinner.

When asked about what makes Favia Wines different from all other wineries, Andy and Annie gave such a lovely and fitting response, “…all wineries reflect personalities and passions of their owners, and ours is no different.” We’d have to agree because flowing from every bottle of Favia Wines is charm and colorful candor, which is Annie and Andy.

To learn more about Favia Wines, join their mailing list, purchase a bottle of wine or two—visit their website,  Our current varietal favorite is their 2013 Favia Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley, because it showcases just how good Cabernet Sauvignon can be. It’s a beautiful bottle with alluring notes of dark chocolate, plum and espresso, engaging in a fantastically rich finish. Pairs well with the autumn season.

Tasting are limited, available by appointment.


The wine industry: It’s part farming, part chemistry, part branding, and entirely art. Producing and selling wine is a process we think we know, but beyond the glass lies the real story of a winery and its winemakers.  The Napa Valley Film Festival team is proud to share the inspirational behind-the-vines stories we’ve had the pleasure of learning from our Vintner Circle members with you. 










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