Behind the Vines: Rombauer Vineyards

Every bottle from Rombauer Vineyards is filled with so much joy and delight—it stems directly from the family that has created and cultivated wine for thirty-five years in Napa Valley. With a sly smile on his face, K.R. Rombauer says, “It’s all my mom and dad’s fault” when asked how he got into the business of winemaking. His parents moved to Napa Valley in 1972 and became friends with vintners and winemakers all across the valley. By 1980 his parents started a second career investing in their own winery. They encouraged their son, K.R., to explore the nuances of the wine business. Today, K.R. operates this family-owned winery alongside his father, Koerner Rombauer, and sister, Sheana.

The first varietal the Rombauer family produced was Cabernet Sauvignon, “…because it’s king,” K.R. says. We’d have to agree, sipping Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, especially Rombauer Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, is like ingesting liquid gold. When asked what was K.R.’s proudest moment thus far as a vintner, he gives such an endearing, “Oh boy” of an exclamation. He modestly tells us he is just, “trying to continue to carry on the family business and the third-generation in the business….following the vision of his parents” and producing great, lovable wine. Lovable, tasty and swirl-able the three things we always associate with every glass of Rombauer!

Rombauer employs the most beautiful winemaking tactics—it starts in the vineyard, growing the grapes, and handling the fruit in it’s purest, untainted form. They make sure that the skin of the grapes isn’t broken, focusing on the essence of the fruit, avoiding an over-manipulation of the wine.

“What the vineyards give us is what we focus on. Our goal is simply to apply the best artistry and craftsmanship to winemaking, alongside current science and technology.” – K.R. Rombauer

When asking K.R. what makes Rombauer different from all the other wineries, he tells us, “We’re family owned and operated, at a time when fewer and fewer wineries are.” He then divulges his affection for his customers. The Rombauer family has their ears open to what the wine lovers and sippers delight in swirling. What makes Rombauer so expressively unique—is their focus on—the style, and the character of wines that their customers are seeking out. Each year and year out, they aim to produce wine that they know their customers will love and enjoy. 

Rombauer recently added  Sauvignon Blanc to their collection. The grapes were gently whole-cluster pressed while the fruit was still cool, with ninety percent of the juice being fermented in stainless steel tanks and the remaining ten percent juice fermented in neutral French oak barrels to impart texture into the Sauvignon Blanc. This brilliant varietal exudes fresh and enticing aromas of ripe limes, grapefruits, pears and white nectarines. The liveliness in every sip lingers on your palate, inviting another and another.

This is the third year Rombauer has been part of  NVFF—and we are so gleeful every year they decide to festival with us. K.R. enjoys the “…complimentary arts, fine food, all blended together in a beautiful, graceful setting.” We’re serious blushing over here, K.R. This year he’s going to be  catching films at his favorite screening venue, The Cameo in St. Helena, “… such an intimate setting.” His favorite event is the Wrap Party  “… a lot of great people and fun to see everyone… and enjoying the company.” Festival-goers, make sure to add that event to your calendars, you haven’t already.

We hope to see you all at the movies, enjoying a glass of Rombauer Merlot, which is are favorite varietal from Rombauer, along with K.R.’s too, “It’s very versatile,” he says. “It goes with everything from red meat to fish to chicken to BBQ.” We like pairing it with popcorn, a good film, and great friends.


The wine industry: It’s part farming, part chemistry, part branding, and entirely art. Producing and selling wine is a process we think we know, but beyond the glass lies the real story of a winery and its winemakers.  The Napa Valley Film Festival team is proud to share the inspirational behind-the-vines stories we’ve had the pleasure of learning from our Vintner Circle members with you. 


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NVFF17 • NOV 8 – 12